Moving toward ADC

The public development hub has now changed address. It is now adcs:// This means that you need to run a client that support Advanced Direct Connect.

The following clients support Advanced Direct Connect;
DC++ –
Jucy –

Or modifications of DC++ that supports Advanced Direct Connect for further information visit:

It will not be a NMDC hub ever again. It is time we move forward.

Address changed on 2011-10-06. It is adcs://

7 Responses to Moving toward ADC

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi, i can get to the adl site,
    it connects and then it stops
    Connecting to adc://…
    [06:35:32] *** Connected
    [06:37:44] *** Connection closed
    ports set @ 16591 tcp, udp

  2. I’d rather have you post in the forum than here… But since you did…

    What client and version do you use?

  3. Anonymous says:

    ahhh dropped all dc++ connections in 0.69 client, and got connected.

    you should add some test transfer files.

    now running 1 client for adc: hub and another for the dc++ hub

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