Public DC Dev hub changes domain

The public DC dev hub has been using for its domain. However, a few days ago they removed the domain because someone had reported that it was being used for “sharing illicit material” or “being part of a botnet or being the host of an IRC server” (none of which are of course true). (I’m also confused as to why, as they don’t even seem to know the reason they terminated the domain.) Since then, I’ve been in contact with them and they’re refusing to let go of the domain.

So instead, we’ve switched the domain from adc:// to adc:// (Note that it’s the same port.)

Sorry for the switch, but there isn’t anything more we can do.

I hope people update their bookmarks/favorites, and that hub list owners can fix this nicely.

Don’t forget that you can make topic suggestions for blog posts in our “Blog Topic Suggestion Box!”

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