Documenting ADC

The state of ADC has flourished a bit since I last wrote about it, and there are a couple of things to note.

The basic ADC document is basically untouched since it’s last release at 1.0.1. The major updates have occurred on the extensions side of ADC.

The extensions version is currently as of writing at 1.0.3 as the official version. There is a 1.0.4 brewing but it’s something that will be released later on.

ADC extensions are relatively simple to suggest and I’ll happily add the extension as an official one if it has grown traction by developers and a consensus on the extension specification has been agreed upon. Usually, to suggest an extension, pop in to the forums and specify as thoroughly your extension and what implementations exist. Additionally, it’s possible to go to our developer hub, but you might want to still post in the forums as chat can be cumbersome to reference. Updates to the extensions document are usually grouped in one update, so we don’t have multiple updates on the same document and even the same extension in a relatively short while, causing implementations to be potentially invalid.

There is a started ADC recommendations document, basically aimed at providing guide lines for developers, but it’s hardly complete. The idea is to get more people involved in this document so new developers can benefit from old developers’ wisdom of ADC, quirks in implementations and more.

Do note that I am not the only one with access to the official ADC documents; there are others as well, so you can contact the other members of the ADC project if I’m not available.

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