File lists getting keyboarded!

Version 0.688 of DC++ included a nifty feature; back/forward mouse/keyboard navigation to directory listing frame.

I assume everyone got it with the mouse (it’s quite obvious which buttons are for what if you have a mouse with more than two buttons). But did a lot of people actually get it with the keyboard? I sure didn’t. I’m suprised as to not having seen this question on the forum… But oh, well…

The first thing I tried was backspace. Well, that does something but it sure ain’t back or forward. The backspace will make you go up one directory. Until you hit the root directory of course. Then, it’ll do nothing.

After having tried every possibly other way with backspace, I decided to look in the code. Well, before I go on, I feel I need to say the other two keyboard commands that aren’t linked to back/forward navigation. Tab, will make DC++ go from one of the views to the other. And return will download the selected directory(-ies) or file(s).

Now, how to back and forward navigate? Hold down Alt and press the ‘Left’ key to go back. Hold down Alt and press the ‘Right’ key to go forward.

One Response to File lists getting keyboarded!

  1. TPO says:

    FYI, Alt+Left/Right have been standard keystrokes for back/forward in web browsers for quite a while. It is also used in Windows Explorer.

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