Software and code for TTH generation and validation

There are multiple sites dedicated for providing information about generation and validatation of TTHs. There are many languages written to handle TTHs, so you should see this list as a small selection of all the implementations out there.

  • TigerTree Hash Code project at SourceForge intend on providing implementations for multiple languages.
  • ThexCS – TTH (tiger tree hash) maker in C# at CodeProject intend to provide a UI for simple TTH generation.
  • tthsum is probably the most widely known stand-alone application that can generate TTHs. The TTH generation was the one from DC++, but later changed to the original Tiger authors’ implementation. tthsum is in most Linux distributions.
  • Obviously, DC clients can generate TTHs…

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    3 Responses to Software and code for TTH generation and validation

    1. 0ctagram says:

      I like RHash:

      In contrast to other multihash calculators specializing in almost useless CRC-16, CRC-32, SHA-256 and so on, RHash is able to calculate every hash used in p2p: TTH, ED2K, AICH and also non-p2p hashes used in retarded p2p networks: MD5 and SHA1

    2. for perl users:
      cpan Net::DirectConnect::TigerHash

      perl -MNet::DirectConnect::TigerHash -e “print map { Net::DirectConnect::TigerHash::tthfile($_) . qq{ $_\n} } @ARGV” *

    3. 0ctagram says:

      There is another relevant software:

      EAD TorrentBuild in contrast to other retarded .torrent generators producing useless hashless .torrents with only info/pieces that is not very usable apart from BitTorrent, EAD TorrentBuild can put extra hashes including TTH. This way everybody can find download sources from what they think serves them better. The website is down for a long time, but I can provide a copy if you like. It’s written for .NET. The only serious issue known is international characters support. .torrent files stand for UTF-8, but in fact ANSI is being used.

      I think it would be a good idea to have a protocol-agnostic TTH promotion page, userbars, logo and so on. I’d like to see TTH everywhere: RapidShare, FSF FTP checksums, HTTP ETag and of course every p2p protocol. What we currently have regarding file hashes is a Babylon tower. The more widespread TTH is, the more benefit everybody gains.

      TTH isn’t something we should hide in the implementation internals. We should be proud of exclusive TTH usage within DC network in contrast to Gnutella2 which has to calculate SHA1 in order to maintain legacy. Further p2p protocols should be based on TTH from the very beginning. In order for this to happen, TTH must be promoted.

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