DC++ adds GeoIP database auto-updating

Well, the title pretty much says it all, but let me give you a brief little look into GeoIP (Auto-Updater too of course!) and what it means along with some background about some of the changes to GeoIP itself. As of bzr revision 2620, a fully automatic GeoIP database updater has been included with DC++. What does this mean to you? Well, simply put you won’t have to go to MaxMind’s website to update the GeoIP database. GeoIP allows you to see the country code (e.g US, UK, etc.) in the Userlist, Transferview and Search windows under the country column (IP column in the search window).

Along with the auto-updater came another change allowing you to actually select the kind of country code you would like to see. E.g if you wanted to see, say, UK – United Kingdom (the DC++ default) it would be %[2code] – %[name] , but you’re not limited to just that! Here’s a list of the new parameters you can use:

%[2code] – show a 2 letter country code (e.g US, GB)
%[3code] – show a 3 letter country code (e.g USA, GBR)
%[name] – show the full country name (e.g United States, United Kingdom)
%[continent] – show the continent code (e.g NA, EU)

You will be able to set your own customized country format in the next release of DC++, the setting will be located on the Appearance Page (Settings > Appearance Page) just look for “Country format”!

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One Response to DC++ adds GeoIP database auto-updating

  1. poy says:

    with rev 2626, DC++ displays localized country names (thanks to the Windows GetGeoInfo API). here are the new country variables and their meaning:

    • %[2code] gets replaced by a 2-letters country code (eg DE, FR).
    • %[3code] gets replaced by a 3-letters country code (eg DEU, FRA).
    • %[continent] gets replaced by a continent code (AF, AS, EU, NA, OC, SA for Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America).
    • %[engname] gets replaced by the English country friendly name (eg Germany, France).
    • %[name] gets replaced by the localized country friendly name (eg Germany, France on an English operating system).
    • %[officialname] gets replaced by the localized country official name (eg Federal Republic of Germany, French Republic on an English operating system).

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