DC++ Remote Crash/Exploit Disclosure

In the spirit of public disclosure to encourage users to move to recent versions and to encourage mod developers to fix their code, this post announces a well-known but not publicly announced somewhat recent remote DC++ exploit.

The DC++ NULL Pointer Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability involves sending an $ADCGET command such as “$ADCGET (%S) //+ 0 %-1 ZL1” to the other client along a client-client connection, which will promptly and reliably crash the latter client. This affects all recent versions until 0.707, so unless you’re running one of 0.707, 0.7091, 0.750, or a more recent development-snapshot, you’re probably vulnerable to this remote crash.

Furthermore, one doesn’t have to manually connect to another client for this crash to occur; a connection triggered by autosearch/add-queue is sufficient. Alternatively, one doesn’t even have to rely on that but can instead just send $(Rev)ConnectToMe commands to other clients to create client-client connections in the manner of some client-detection mods and systematically crash an entire hub of DC++-pre-0.707 users by connecting to them and sending them the example poison command.

This exploit is one example of why as with all network-facing software, one should keep DC++ updated.

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