Securing the unsecure ?!

Seasons greetings everyone from us at DCDev

Wanted to rant about private only scripts and the idiocy usage of em since a script really cant determine if its public or private.

Private only scripts are mainly used in Ptokax / Verlihub or any soft using lua scripting interface.

So what does the tag stand for in DC++


first digit is unregistered usually determined as public hub but all it really is is unregistered.

second digit is registered here is where most people thing it means private and hidden away in the deep corners of the direct connect network (it kinda amuses me) since it could be a public vip or just an account on hub that you registered yourself at.

Third and last is of course the operator digit this really doesn’t show if its private or public either.

and using hublist to check if same user is online at other hubs on NMDC is pretty dumb too since, It might be an shared connection.

What if the person has a brother or sister that uses DC++ and likes to be  on a public hub to talk about nothing and everything.

plus it really cracks me up that we are talking about securing private hubs that are communicating via cleartext protocol :D using NO ENCRYPTION thats really funny how secure is the hub in that regard let me tell you’ll.

Its really just a waste so in the holiday seasons i leave you with the words of wisdom your only as secure as your own box (hub).

P.S for all those people making these scripts for god sake do it right and put in a 60-90 second delay before kicking the poor sap since there can be a slight delay in updating myinfo on NMDC and for that matter ADC since i know the idiocy is gonna continue.

I help those who help themselves! – Zoidberg (Futurama)

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