Breaking your space

If you browse through the changelog, you will find this for 0.68:

* [NMDC] The first word of hub name is taken as short name for displaying purposes when space is limited

What this also means is that if you’re in a hub that use a non-breaking space, DC++ will only display the word(s) up to this non-breaking space. So, what is a non-breaking space? Press the spacebar on your keyboard. That’s a non-breaking space.

If you want to see the full name, you’re out of luck. Well, not completely. Convince the hubowner to use a breaking space. A breaking space can be written by holding down Alt and pressing 2-5-5 on the numeric keyboard. The hubowner could of course use another high ASCII character to make it “look like” there’s a normal space.

4 Responses to Breaking your space

  1. Ullner says:

    From the old blog:
    I knew that was going back to haunt me. :)

    While writing the post, I stopped and thought about if I got it wrong or not. I looked at’s defintion, and I must have interpreted it wrong.

    I’m glad someone is proof-reading my work. ;)

    (The point with the post was anyway to explain why people saw only the first word in the transfer view, etcetera.)
    Publicerad av Fredrik Ullner – 2006-02-18 20:55:57
    [Klicka på profilfotot för att öppna kontaktkortet]
    You’ve got the definitions of breaking and non-breaking spaces the wrong way round.
    Publicerad av TheParanoidOne – 2006-02-18 11:16:38

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