Line history with Ctrl

A lot of programs have a line history. That is, a history of commands you’ve privously entered. (Currently only works in hubs in DC++.)

In DC++, these commands were access if you used Ctrl and the up/down arrows. A few versions back, an option was added to remove the need for Ctrl so you could just press up or down.

With this feature turned on, you don’t have to have Ctrl pressed while you want to scroll through the line history. The downside with having this feature turned on is that you aren’t able to effectively use multiple lines in your messages. (You can specify a new line by holding down Ctrl and pressing Enter.) (Since scrolling through multiple lines is used by up and down arrows.)

So, in the end, you have to make a choice. Do you scroll so often so you’ve gotten tired of holding down Ctrl or do you want to handle multiline messages effectively?

(I have the option enabled.)

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