Propose your ideas

Hi people just wanted to share relevant information regarding ADC Development

We recently updated our mediawiki installation and now that its updated i decided to rewamp the proposal list so that mr. Ullner gets a good tool when looking at extensions to include in the protocol.

Proposed Extensions

The idea is that everyone with an wiki account helps out and adds and removes ideas if they are included or denied entry and we use the protocol idea forum on adcportal as an official place if you wanna add just the spec or a link to the spec thats fine as long as it gets posted there so Ullner doesnt have to chase the idea over the net.

Hope this will improve development and document who did what in the future :)

ADCH++ now more then an empty shell

Hey people back again doing a monolog here on the blog this time its about ADCH++ 2.3

We all know that the last release wasn’t a big success but i wanna show of the new features in ADCH++ , it was more then a year ago since we had a release on ADCH++ and much new stuff has been added into it.

So what are the new features:

User Commands, ADCS (preliminary implementation), more scripts for the soft.

There is also a doxygen included in the BZR repo at launchpad for anyone that wants to make a plugin in C++ or make lua scripts or python script all you have to do is download Doxygen to make the documentation we will host the documentation at ADCH++ webspace on Sourceforge also.

I really wanna commend poy for his efforts put into this version of ADCH++ and listening to input and feedback with this version things can only get better in the future of ADCH++

We are still looking for a GUI maker so if your out there and think you got what it takes drop into DCDev Public and talk to us or drop the source of at launchpad.

and we hope that suggestions for ADCH++ will come up at our tracker on Launchpad so we can get your input for what your missing in ADCH++ or possible bugs thats giving your problems.

So people out there give it a go and say what you think about it :)

ADCH++ 2.3 Windows Installer

ADCH++ 2.3 Windows Zip File

ADCH++ 2.3 Source Code (both Windows and Linux)