DC++ pointing out the corrupted

One of the latest enhancements in DC++ is the hub referral on client-client connections, proposed by Jan Vidar Krey. The current bazaar trunk implements this mechanism and the next DC++ version that will be released soon will also have it. The purpose of this extension is to point out the corrupted hub that is sending the current client to a non DC client, with obvious malevolent purpose. This implies that the hub is either using exploitable software, or that it’s intentionally abusing the clients. Either way, the hubowners are solely responsible.

On connecting to the other party, DC++ will also send the hub URL that it used to connect to the hub sending out the CTM message. By packet inspection, an attacked party can figure out which is the corrupted hub (only a pointer is required, such that they have a point of reference ) . Another good part about this extension is that it works on both ADC and NMDC ( some workaround was found for NMDC: adding the url to the PK string since NMDC is not extensible nor flexible in this matter ) , with the least effort from the clients and it does not bother them in any way. A normal client should ignore the specific message ( I don’t find any particular usage for it ).

We strongly recommend all mods to inherit this extension and other clients out there to implement it so the CTM attacks impact on DC software will stop being so great.

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