PC Pitstop and its P2P-report

PC Pitstop recently released a report regarding P2P-applications that they had encountered while their spyware application had been running on their “customers'” computers. Go and download their relevant stats (.xls).

A couple of comments and things I noticed regarding it;
(1) The total amount of DC market share dropped from 0.94% to 0.43% over a period of a year.
(2) The total amount of PCs scanned were from 174000 to 103000 per month.
(3) The total amount of DC users per month is something you need to calculate, as it’s not noted…
(4) Sweden and Romania are two countries where DC is quite prevalent; The report had a very small number of customers in those countries.
(5) Windows XP and Vista are the operating systems that were recorded. Other systems are lumped together as “other”. Presumably are non-Windows systems not tested.
(6) DC++ was among the top 10 of applications that had dropped users.
(7) All applications that are able to connect to a given network are listed in the report. Eg, mIRC is listed as a P2P-application where “IRC” is the network, while IRC isn’t even a P2P-network.
(8) There were 8640 users reported that had DC++ installed.
(9) The reported DC++ versions were “DC++ 0.6”, “DC++”, “DC++ 0.4” and “Acadia DC++ 1.5”, where “DC++ 0.6” had over 8000 users.
(10) The reported NeoModus Direct Connect versions were “DC 2”, “DC1” and even “DC hub”, which I didn’t really get… (Where “DC” is elongated…)
(11) StrongDC++ had “SDC++ 1”, “SDC++”, “SDC 2” and “SDC++ 2″… (Where “S” in SDC is elongated.)

The only thing I can get in this report is the drop in market share. The rest is… Pointless and gibberish.

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