UPnP file required for compiling

At one point in time, DC++ added support for UPnP, which enabled DC++ an automagic configuration for active mode.

For accomplish this, a specific file in the source code was required. This file is called ‘natupnp.h’. I’m sure people have noticed it; the compile information mention this file and if you’ve attempted to compile DC++ without the file, the compiler would complain.

(Visual Studio 2005 have this file built in, but if you used Visual Studio 2003, you need this file in your includes.)

The compile information note that you can get the file in three ways; (1) To download the .NET SDK, (2) get it through our Bugzilla install (which is down, yes) and (3) by contacting someone of us and then we’d give it to you.

Unfortunately, this presents us with a problem. We might actually be in a pickle if we provide it for you directly because we don’t have permission by Microsoft to distribute it.

So to save us all some time and trouble, download the SDK provided by Microsoft and you’re all set.

(I don’t know if this file, or another one, is required for UPnP compilation with other compilers, other than Microsoft’s.)

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One Response to UPnP file required for compiling

  1. emtee says:

    It seems that .NET SDK doesn’t contain this file. I found it in the MS Platform SDK, just as the compile.txt states…

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