DC++ 0.760 is out

1 year of development but now its here and better then ever, 1 year thats how long it took for us to complete it but it was all worth it to see the final release version of DC++.

So whats new apart from the look well lets take a peek in the changelog

  • [L#213213] Implement bandwidth throttling (cologic, bigmuscle)
  • [L#414068] No 35-characters limit to nick and description (ullner)
  • Improve user command support in ADC hubs (poy)
  • Readded WTL exception to the license (for mod developers)
  • Toolbar customization (shift+drag, double-click, right-click) (poy)
  • [ADC] Allow hubs to send IPs of passive users via INF (poy)
  • Register in HKCU instead of HKLM to avoid UAC warnings; ditch magnet.exe (poy)
  • [L#515646] Remove ADC 0.10 compatibility (not ADCS 0.10) (cologic)
  • Change the tray icon on private messages (poy)

These are just some of the updated n fixes thats in the changelog but these imho are the ones that stand out.

So Bandwidth limiter is new in DC++ now i know i hear i sigh from the general public on Direct Connect BUT if you all think about it every p2p/download manager has a limiter so why shouldn’t DC++ have one too.

No 35 Limit to nick is a thing that written about already on this blog so ill just refer to it.

Re added WTL exception to the license.

thanks PPK for pointing out this our dear loving friend always have valuable input for us all so thanks again (i know he is lurking around here).

Toolbar can now be resized (yay) with a simple right click you can decide your size of the toolbar 16 22 24 32 if anymore numbers are needed do tell.

Allow hubs to send IPs of passive users via INF

For our dear spamming friends that love to go around Direct Connect spamming for VA sites n hubs well the fun days are coming to an end cause now DC++ show the IP even in passive mode.

Register in HKCU instead of HKLM to avoid UAC warnings is for all us Vista/Windows 7 users that are dead tired of all the annoying warning messages from UAC this little patch fixed that problem.

And finally a change on Tray icon when receiving a private message like all the other clients have.

So for all you 0.674 sorry to say it but that version sucks in comparison to 0.760 so read this and weep!!!

here is a screenshot enjoy this fine release and to get it go to: