Todd Pederzani

I have been using DC++ since October of 2002, when 0.181 was current. My first contribution to DC++ came in the form of a one line patch to 0.231 that prevented the just-added “disconnect users who leave the hub” option from giving a free slot to people getting your file list or a small file. I’ve contributed a lot of small patches to DC++, though there are a fewer larger ones here and there (MAGNET-URI support, for instance). Nowadays, I run and maintain the DC++ website in addition to contributing code.

I go by GargoyleMT on the forum and many places, and I’m usually credited as “garg” in the changelog.

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  1. nagan1 says:

    Hi Tepp ,
    This is nagan who used to be active in the earlier forum.But now I find that is gone,surprising.
    I have got 2 queries.

    1.I have been using .674 without any issues.Recently I upgraded to a new system and after installing DC I changed the settings for the “Default Download directory” and “Unfinished Download directory”.I also moved the items in the “Queue” in DC to the default download directory and physically copied the unfinished files to the “new unfinished directory” in explorer . But DC unfortunately is stuck with the old unfinished directory.

    For example while my new Unfinished directory —- D/dc unfinished , DC seems stuck to E /dc unfinished which was in my old system.The result is I have already completed 75% of a file and is available but DC starts the file freshly and in the unwanted place. Let me know whether this bug has been catered for.

    2.The reason why I am stuck with .674 is that the newer versions do not support TTH and nearly 25% of my queue is not yet TTHed.

    Please give a solution.


  2. Todd Pederzani says:

    The forum and website were DDoSed quite effectively a while ago — I think they’ve been gone for a year and change, so you’re a little behind in the news. But then again, if you only consult the forum for help, that’s understandable.

    For your first issue, have you manually edited Queue.xml? If you have any a queue of nearly any size, using “Search/Replace” in a text editor will save you a lot of time. If DC++ is downloading to an old directory, a reference to it must be in Queue.xml. In short, it’s a configuration error, not a bug. But you can fix it easily.

    There’s no solution for the second issue that you’re raising. If the majority of your queue doesn’t have TTH entries for the items, I can think of two likely scenarios: most of the hubs you’re on (or the users you want do download from) do not have DC++ 0.307 or later OR you have a very old queue that dates from before 0.307’s release. DC++ now relies upon having a TTH for each item, and we’ve slowly been integrating TTH support and features since March of 2004, giving users ample amounts of time to upgrade their client (especially since DC++ gives notice each time it starts up).

  3. nagan1 says:

    Thanks for the reply Tepp.The replies were quiet useful.Anyway what is the latest stable version after .674 that supports non TTH?

  4. Todd Pederzani says:

    Nagan, the latest version that you can use to download queue items without TTHes is 0.695, according to the changelog. You can get at it by copying and changing the download URL on sourceforge to get this:

    Also, where is ‘Tepp’ coming from? That’s not my name, nor my nick. :-)

  5. nagan1 says:

    I just tried out ur suggestion.First of all my queue.xml is nearly 4 MB and the system almost hangs when I open the file in WORD,Wordpad.I opened it in Notepad and found an unsual entry in certain files ONLY.After “Download Target”,”Size”,”Priority” and “Added” ,I find the culprit”TempTarget=(referring to my old system unfinished directory) and “Downloaded”.So the problem is a
    rogue “Temptarget” reference for certain files which is causing the confusion.Even Notepad hangs when I tried to replace Temptarget with ***.
    Could you help?

  6. Todd Pederzani says:

    Have you tried an alternate text editor? Both Notepad and Write (or WordPad for you newer users) have serious limitations with large files. I use SciTE, which is an open source program. There’s even a standalone executable for use on USB flash drives. The download page is here:

    With a proper text editor, you shouldn’t have any problem doing a search & replace on the file.

    The TempTarget attribute probably only exists for files that have been partially downloaded. It is generated from the download filename and the current setting for the Temp directory (which makes sense — when you change your temp directory, you don’t want your incomplete downloads to reset). There are certainly more elaborate solutions to the way we chose to do this, but that’s the way it is right now.

  7. nagan1 says:

    Thanks for the replies Mr Todd Pederzani.In the earlier forum I guess you went by the name “Tepederzani” which I inadvertently shortened.By the way is .695 stable without any serious bugs after .674?I shouldn’t be asking you this but it is safe to be sure.And I could not find the changelogs in the download site or have I missed that?

  8. Todd Pederzani says:

    You’ll need to check the changelog yourself, I really don’t remember the specifics of the 0.695 release. An excerpt from each version’s change should be available for that release on Sourceforge, or the whole file can be viewed in zip version of the program. (If you want to read about it before installing.) There are other options too, like following the file in our source code repository:*checkout*/dcplusplus/dcplusplus/trunk/changelog.txt

  9. nagan1 says:

    Thanks for the info.Now that you have DDOsed (abbreviation please!) the earlier forum does it mean DC++ has reached its saturation / perfection level or that there will be no further upgrades?

  10. Todd Pederzani says:

    The website was DDoSed, meaning someone attacked the machine it was hosted on. It went on for a bit, and was inconveniencing the person who we were getting hosting from, so I deleted the web site. Arne and others continue to work on DC++, and there have been several releases since the website disappeared. (And even posts on this blog about most/all of the releases!) A stripped-down version of the website is at our sourceforge web space at The forum, bug tracker, and crash collector are the main web applications that didn’t make it (either because of restrictions by SF or because of security concerns).

    The situation with the website has nothing to do with continued development.

  11. khoor says:


    your introducing page is the most updated and fresh one, and i don’t know a place to put a question:

    If a tth is simply identify that file, and the filename is not the same why can’t be to be continued the one i have allready started to download:
    for example i started “The Good Shepherd(2006) cd1.avi” 600mb downloaded of 680mb
    the user went away couldnt continue in 2 weeks, ok search again for this tth, result: “The Good Shepherd cd1.avi” and started the download from 0.

    This is not good, and i think this is not a very complicated problem to solve.

    If i’m stupid hit me:)

  12. Todd Pederzani says:

    Khoor, I won’t help someone who I know is infringing copyrights, which you are if you’re downloading “The Good Shepherd.”

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