Translation update

There’s a new release coming in a few days and the translations templates on launchpad have been updated – if you want your language to be complete please have a look…

In the future I’ll only post these updates to, so please subscribe if you’re interested in keeping your translation up to date…it’s a low-traffic list, so you don’t have to worry…

Note to translators

The next release is drawing near and if you speak any language apart from English you can help by translating DC++ into your language. All old language files have now been imported (well, at least those that could be salvaged), so all you need to do is to go over to launchpad and start translating! If you don’t like the web interface, I suggest you download the language template and use an app such as poEdit to edit the translations (remember to import the existing translations to your language from launchpad before starting!). There’s a nice introduction to translation using gettext here.

ADC 1.0

After years of more or less active deliberation, it is finally time for 1.0. You’ll find it in the usual place, and differences from 0.14 can be seen here. Some of the extensions have been moved here since they either didn’t have any working implementations (that I know of) or were not finished. The long term plan is to set up a separate project for the ADC spec were people will be able to propose new extensions in an ordered manner (so that they don’t clash, are well documented and actually exist). Extensions will be added to the main spec as they become mature enough, subject to some procedure that I still have to think about (setting up a voting system would be nice, but it would require N active participants…). With a separate project, I also hope that more non-dc++ people will be interested to contribute…

Oh well, enough rambling, enjoy!

ADC 0.14

Ok, so 0.13 wasn’t the last one but 0.14 hopefully will be. Changes can be seen here.

Highlights include separation of Tiger as hash algorithm (old peers that add TIGR to their SUP should be compatible with the new spec) and the specification of a file listing xsl schema (which need review) . Let me know if you find any mistake, otherwise it’s release time soon =)

ADC 0.13

I just posted what I expect to become the final version of ADC 1.0. If you have anything to add, now is the time and the DC++ devel mailing list and this blog are the places.

Changes that I remember:

  • DSC removed (use usercommands if you want to disconnect your users)
  • Bytes instead of bits everywhere
  • Token in CTM/RCM is mandatory and therefore unnamed
  • Reserved SID 0 for the hub. ThisĀ  is rarely needed since the hub sends most messages with type I, but there are a few corner cases are easier to solve when the hub is assigned 0 (hub-implemented group chat for example). I might have forgotten some good argument against this, so refresh my memory if you feel this is unneeded.
  • PAS hash generation no longer includes CID
  • Reformatted using asciidoc

Since the spec is now essentially a fancy text file, please don’t hesitate to send in patches for typos etc in patch format.

You’ll find previous versions of the specs by adding -0.xx to the link above (ADC-0.12.html for example).


Ok, so 0.700 took a while longer than I had planned but well, here we are. It’s more of a preview of what’s to come, right now it’s pretty unstable (it’ll crash pretty often), I don’t trust the new queue code (so it might corrupt your downloads) and it’s compiled with a technology preview compiler (so it might actually be someone else’s fault that it crashes =)