Old DC++ forums restored

DC++ used to have a forum where people would receive help, give suggestions on improvements and discuss protocol features. This forum migrated from SourceForge to the domain dcpp.net (now defunct, don’t use it). The entire site was then attacked and the forum was put offline. This was in 2007, and no forum has yet replaced the old DC++ forum as a whole.

The DCBase.org project is put in place to harmonize different content for Direct Connect. As such, the project host the DCBase forum (previously ADCPortal) where today’s discussions for (primarily but not exclusively) ADC development lies. However, it is also important to look in the past and what has been done and the discussions that were held then. As such, the old DC++ forum is now restored. This forum is now set up similar to the old forum, and the database is migrated as such. The entire forum is locked down (until someone want DC++ to regain that as a forum) so you can’t post anything.

I will probably create posts in the future where the old forum is referenced (in particular NMDC and ADC development and protocol discussions).

If anyone else have a forum, wiki or site that is now defunct, let me know. It is important that the content that we once produced isn’t completely lost.

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