DC++ 0.811

A new service release of DC++ is out and marked stable. Along with some small fixes the new version improves on a couple of more important areas.

We received reports that the obligatory share format converison at the first start of DC++ 0.810 may take more time than one would expect, especially in cases when  large number of files shared or had been shared before. During the first startup conversion DC++ 0.810 may look unresponsive; worse is that when the anxious user clicks to the taskbar preview or the DC++ startup logo during the conversion period, it results an immediate “Not responding” message shown by Windows. People might get confused with this so the fix comes with DC++ 0.811 and you will never get those messages again. Also there’s a new graphical progress indicator under the DC++ splash logo so from now users are somewhat better informed about what’s happening at the startup.

Note that the first (and only the first) startup can still take unusually long when you uprgade from version 0.802 or older. Some users with extra large shares reported even 15-20 minutes long startups and that really sounds long. But again, you have to keep in mind that it’s still a lot better option than a complete rehash of your entire share.

The other bigger change in version 0.811 is the switch of the used compiler package. We changed from MinGW to MinGW-w64 for now as some tests done with DC++ built using MinGW-w64 resulted better long time stability under extra heavy load.

Version 0.811 is a stable release and immediate upgrade is recommended.

About emtee
I started to use DC using DC++ in 2003 when its version number was around 0.260. Since then I've been amazed by the DC network: a professional but still easy-to-use way of P2P file sharing. I was invited to the DC++ team in 2006 where - in the beginning - I had been doing user support and some testing only. A few years later I started to add small contributions to the DC++ code as well so for many years I'd been doing mostly bug fixes, testing, feature proposals and improvements. At the same time I worked on improving the documentation for both DC++ and ADCH++ as well. These days I'm trying to maintain the whole code and the infrastructure behind to keep these software secure and usable for a prolonged time. My ultimate goal is to help making the DC network as more user friendly as possible.

One Response to DC++ 0.811

  1. Rajan Hadkar says:

    I received this message when I opened dc** 0.811 ‘the application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way’ I had to close dc++. Getting the message repeatedly.
    How to solve this problem

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