Request for video about attacks spawned from DC

In a previous post, the security on DC was discussed as well as an attack on, the then largest hublist for DC. This attack, as well as a generic view on attack on the web, was covered on a Finnish program (translated to Enligh as “MOT: Invisible plane hijacking”). This was broadcasted a few years ago (see the link) but wasn’t uploaded to their site.

My intention was to get this video and upload it to the Youtube page so everyone can view it. I have aquired a copy of it from a video recording, but I cannot simply (re)broadcast it because of obvious legal reasons.

This is a request for anyone who are able to come in contact with (the broadcasting company) and are able to persuade them to either upload the video or allow us to upload it.

I have previously made a request to YLE but was denied due to the fact that the video contains a trailer from the movie Die Hard. YLE claim they do not have the necessary resources to edit this film. (I was denied the ability to do the edits myself.)

YLE sales are in charge of the video and I can provide details of the person(s) I’ve been in contact with, if you think you have a better chance.

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