The road ahead: Widening the base

We have some statistics on DC usage and while the interest has diminished somewhat over the years, there’s still a lot of people who use DC on a daily basis. Many believe that we should encourage users to spread word about DC in various places. The idea is then that other people who aren’t (regular) DC users become more interested.

A couple of these initiatives have already taken place with Twitter, Youtube and Reddit. No one has created a Facebook account for DC content and I frankly don’t think we need one at this time.

The intent with the Twitter account is that we should be able to get out information that isn’t worthy of a large blog post or article. The fact that one is restricted by 140 characters only makes it interesting.

The Youtube channel is there to provide new users of the software a simple yet effective way of going through a piece of software. The idea is that we can upload videos of other software instruction manual, and the videos doesn’t even have to be in English. If people want to provide translations and videos in another language, just let me know.

The subreddit DirectConnect serves as a point of interest for those who are already on Reddit for other reasons. Reddit provides a way of publishing information that needn’t be restricted to the confines of the forum or likewise. The subreddit can prove to be a great source to gather new users.

The road ahead

The idea is that more and more users should be made aware of Direct Connect and what it can offer. Users should be able to go to their own source of media and be able to pick up DC information if they choose to. Any time someone provides DC information in a new way or in a new place, then the base of DC widens.

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