The road ahead: Post summary

This series I called “the road ahead” is simply my look into how we can improve and continue to develop the DC community and system. The posts should be readable as they are but can of course be read in conjunction with each other. There’s no priority in the suggestions I make. Instead, everyone should look at the posts and think about what small part they can do to help accomplish some of the suggestions (or if you have some of your own).

The posts:

  • Security and Integrity – About security and integrity in DC and how it affects us
  • Protocols – What the protocols should strive for and the tools the protocol community should provide
  • Competition – The different challenges that we face in Direct Connect in the battle of users
  • Software – What improvements we can make to software across the board
  • Widening the base – How the different information outlets we have can increase DC knowledge in the world
  • Infrastructure – How the infrastructure in DC can improve

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