Statistics for DC++

I recently built a small application, WLPfS, that parses the web log files from SourceForge (where DC++ is hosted). The application can parse the log files and will display the client and the number of times that client attempted to grab a file on the website.

In DC++’s case, this file will always be version.xml that is updated on every new stable release of DC++.  This file is accessed each time DC++ is started or if the “About” dialog is opened. The statistics are slightly skewed in DC++’s case since Coral may be used (if the user has it on), and as such will cache the information on their servers. That means the stats presented here are NOT representative of the actual DC++ user count. However, it may be of interest that there are many old versions still in use, and it’s interesting to see users on “boundary versions” (probably based on feature changes, such as inclusion or requirement of hashes).

I can supply log files upon demand, so you can have a perusing through them yourselves.

In WLPfS, I set the filter to “^DC\+\+ v0.\d*$” (without the quotes). This will mean the application will only display the clients named “DC++ v0.” followed by a number, which is how all DC++ clients to date have identified themselves as. Note that modifications of DC++ may change their name (and will as such show up in such a listing) but keep “version.xml” grabbing.

The list below are the stats files grabbed from SourceForge. They span the days 2012-07-01 to 2012-07-10.

Version Count
DC++ v0.172 18
DC++ v0.18 4
DC++ v0.181 39
DC++ v0.20 6
DC++ v0.22 2
DC++ v0.232 5
DC++ v0.233 16
DC++ v0.24 12
DC++ v0.242 53
DC++ v0.251 7
DC++ v0.261 146
DC++ v0.263 13
DC++ v0.301 70
DC++ v0.302 3
DC++ v0.303 25
DC++ v0.304 515
DC++ v0.305 210
DC++ v0.306 5892
DC++ v0.307 1967
DC++ v0.400 5
DC++ v0.401 4567
DC++ v0.402 5
DC++ v0.403 596
DC++ v0.4032 36
DC++ v0.4033 52
DC++ v0.4034 302
DC++ v0.666 12
DC++ v0.667 103
DC++ v0.668 1589
DC++ v0.670 4401
DC++ v0.671 14
DC++ v0.672 19
DC++ v0.673 716
DC++ v0.674 44406
DC++ v0.68 396
DC++ v0.680 5
DC++ v0.6811 732
DC++ v0.686 142
DC++ v0.687 178
DC++ v0.688 404
DC++ v0.689 1780
DC++ v0.69 370
DC++ v0.691 2188
DC++ v0.693 12
DC++ v0.694 725
DC++ v0.695 197
DC++ v0.696 172
DC++ v0.697 453
DC++ v0.698 8766
DC++ v0.699 19517
DC++ v0.700 26
DC++ v0.702 162
DC++ v0.703 84
DC++ v0.704 527
DC++ v0.705 25
DC++ v0.707 242
DC++ v0.708 187
DC++ v0.709 1
DC++ v0.7091 419
DC++ v0.75 1625
DC++ v0.760 19
DC++ v0.761 245
DC++ v0.762 271
DC++ v0.770 1442
DC++ v0.780 6
DC++ v0.781 1194
DC++ v0.782 12980
DC++ v0.785 1
DC++ v0.790 403
DC++ v0.791 9252
DC++ v0.797 255
DC++ v0.799 19224

One Response to Statistics for DC++

  1. emtee says:

    It’s versions 0.705 and above where these results are non-representatvie for, according to the changelog [* version.xml now use Coral (ullner)]. Though with some guesswork one can assume that probably no more than 5-10% of the DC++ users have Coral cache disabled so the real number of hits must be about 10-20x of the values above regarding versions 0.705 and above.

    About the version borders, they’re seemingly there in the numbers:
    0.306-7-401 – Hasing is obligatory in above versions
    0.674 – Thought to be atomic stable “the best DC++ version”
    0.691 – The last one that compatible with NMDC and pre 0.40x versions
    0.698-99 – Last version with the accustomed WTL gui and without the “evil” segments

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