DC++ 0.799

A new bugfix release of DC++ is out today, this time it’s really meant to be the next stable one. Along with two important stability fixes and another fix for a problem with locales the changes include only small fixes, improvements and library updates. If you’re already using 0.797 then it’s worth to head over the download page and get the update right away.

If everything goes well this new release will be marked stable within a few days.

About emtee
I started to use DC using DC++ in 2003 when its version number was around 0.261. Since then I've been amazed by the DC network: a professional but still easy-to-use way of P2P file sharing. I was invited to the DC++ development team in 2006 where - in the beginning - I had been doing user support and testing only. A few years later I started to add small contributions to the DC++ code as well so these days I do mostly bug fixes, testing and improvements as well as I take part of the improvement of the documentation for both DC++ and ADCH++. I translated the whole DC++ help file to my native language (Hungarian) and currently maintaining the whole HU locale stuff for DC++. My ultimate goal is to help making the DC network as more user friendly as possible.

2 Responses to DC++ 0.799

  1. I keep getting the following message in the main window ” Invalid IP in ConnectToMe, this might be because of in passive mode”…Unfortunately the passive mode is the only mode that worked for me in previous versions…

  2. Igor Carlier says:

    why not include a server host function in the client ?

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