Domain changes and other information

A team of architects is building a highway.

One of these architects is in charge of building a vital bridge. His construction work is going well; although the bridge needs consolidations here and there, people have already started driving over it.

One day, the bridge architect has a disagreement with his architect colleagues. He therefore chooses to leave the construction company and focus on other projects.

However, he is still bitter about his ex-colleagues. He secretely hopes the highway never gets successful. To his dismay, the construction project keeps going on and the highway keeps being extended. The bridge he was in charge of is still being used.

Consumed by his jealousy, he decides to place a few packs of dynamite at strategic points of the bridge. He then makes the whole bridge explode while there were still people over it.

It might have been his bridge while he was overseeing its construction, but it was not anymore when he chose to leave the construction company. By destroying the bridge on a whim, he does more than destroy his own work: he also destroys the work of the builders; he kills the people who were enjoying the bridge when it exploded; he forces his ex-colleagues to build a new bridge (fortunately, they still have the blueprints).

He could have left the construction company with dignity, but he ended up as a jerk.

The domain is down and the project adcportal at SourceForge has been removed. It was the decision of the domain’s owner.

The project is gone, and with it is the forum and wiki as well. Backups exist, but whether it’s for the forum and wiki is too soon to tell. All I can say is that there will be an effort to try and restore some parts, while other parts will be discarded. I can’t tell you a time schedule, as time is always a limiting factor.

A new project, dcnetwork has been created, together with a new domain (now pointing at DC++, but will not in the future). The intention of the domain and project is to serve as a hub (pun intended) within DC, or at least for some of the content.

The DC development hub address is now adcs://, so be sure to change your clients.

It is unfortunate times, as it always is when losing resources, but new resources will be up as soon as time permit.

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