Distributing non-GPL DC++ mods infringes copyright

DC++ is licensed under the GPL, which requires that “the source code of the modified version is available to the users”. Courts support the GPL’s binding power in Germany and the US, while companies in additional countries such as the Netherlands (second Dutch case) and Taiwan have found it worthwhile to settle rather than fight. Several DC++ modifications, most prominently GreylinkDC++ and its derivatives, violate the GPL by not releasing source code, and thus lose eligibility for redistribution under the GPL. Absent such explicit GPL-provided allowance, websites and other media distributing them commit copyright infringement.

The DC++ project supports, instead, usage of one of the non-license-violating clients listed at ADCPortal.

9 Responses to Distributing non-GPL DC++ mods infringes copyright

  1. Petr Kozelka says:

    GNU GPL violation is by those who call yourself dc devs supported for years. On list of client to use instead of GreyLink is listed StrongDC++ and his mods who violate GNU GPL too. Those can violate GNU GPL because they are friends…

    • Fredrik Ullner says:

      Petr: What causes StrongDC++ to violate GNU GPL? I remember something about an OpenSSL exemption? Wasn’t that later fixed?

  2. Petr Kozelka says:

    StrongDC++ use CZDC++ code with OpenSSL. OpenSSL license is incompatible with GNU GPL http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#GPLIncompatibleLicenses and DC++ have because of that exception in license allowing compile with OpenSSL, CZDC++/CzDC is not using OpenSSL and don’t have that exception in license.
    This violation was not fixed. StrongDC++ creator first claims that OpenSSL license is compatible with GNU GPL. Then he changed that he have CzDC source allowing compile with OpenSSL, but only him have that source on his website. And after he claims that he is not violate license because all code that he is using from CZDC++ is created by arnetheduck/cologic or copy/pasted from something else.

  3. Toast says:

    Dont worry about that PPK next version wont have anything from CZDC its all being reworked :)

  4. Toast says:

    and for the record you kinda lost that battle along time ago so bringing it up here again is just tacky so keep on complaining

  5. Petr Kozelka says:

    Toast you are DC newbie, you don’t know history because you are not here. Big Muscle based StrongDC++ on CZDC++ so he have always many lines from that. Yes he wrote multiple time that he removed someting or rewrote, but he don’t really do that (only think that he really removed was my protocol comand parsing to StrongDC++ 2.0). Actual StrongDC++ svn version is always full of CZDC++ code… And even when you think that i’m lost battle, that not change4 reality and nothing about that GNU GPL violation. And it is not only about CZDC++ code, he is using code from phantomDC++, oDC, Reverse Connect… none of them allow compile with OpenSSL.

  6. Toast says:

    Cry me a river PPK, not going to listen to this cause its not worthy to even listen too this thread was about GL++ keep it that way list your complaints someone where someone cares.. THE END

    p.s you cant really claim that if instance is your code btw if you didnt know that so drop it cause its just old and we are tired of hearing you whine about it focus on your hubsoft instead

  7. Toast says:

    PPK just do us a favor and take your medication you clearly need it cause your one sick fuck.. now as for this post keep it on topic from now on its NOT about your MOD.

    final warning i banned you once ill do it again trust me on that and BM please dont encourage the troll, next comment ill just unapprove it and send it to spam from now on if you guys wanna go ahead and have a full out war do it somewhere else cause WE have heard all we wanna hear about this.

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