World domination: Step 2: Twitter

As part of our (further) desire for world domination for Direct Connect, Twitter is not saved from us! The intent is to have the site act as an aggregate of Direct Connect links and posts, as well as allowing people to use a well-known source of information for their DC content as well. Yeah, I know, pretty much the same as with Reddit, but you have to remember the way in which content is published; we don’t control who posts at reddit, while with Twitter you can easily be completely up to date with news etc, right in your mobile devices.

Don’t forget that you can make topic suggestions for blog posts in our “Blog Topic Suggestion Box!”

2 Responses to World domination: Step 2: Twitter

  1. You are so big enthusiast! thats very interesting, thnx u for this blog.
    We must advertise DC on some geeks communities, and invite developers-promoters.
    I continue use DC, and prefer it more than BT or gnutella.
    Also want to ask, can original dcpp client include DHT feature from its chezh fork?

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