Prototype of JaDiCe, the next DC++


The DC++ team is pleased to announce that DC++, originally coded in C++ (an old language that doesn’t even provide any garbage collection), is now being rewritten in Java, a far more performant language.

This will possibly allow cross-platform distributions in the future and will improve the overall aspect and response time of the program.

To celebrate the beginning of the rewrite, DC++ is now being renamed to JaDiCe. This new name conveys the awesomeness of Java (“Ja”) while keeping the “D” and “C” (for Direct Connect) letters around.

An early prototype of JaDiCe has just been completed; you can download it by following the link below (don’t worry, it won’t touch any file nor registry entry).
Stand-alone exe file
Stand-alone exe file in a zip archive
Source code

We hope you are as thrilled as we are about this fantastic switch to Java and look forward to reading your feedback about the JaDiCe prototype!

2 Responses to Prototype of JaDiCe, the next DC++

  1. pietry says:

    HAHA nice 1st april’s joke ;)

  2. You should’ve chosen C# though, and it wouldn’t have been a joke.

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