DC++ 0.782

A new and important service release of DC++ is released today. It does not bring any new functions this time, instead, it fixes two severe and many less problematic but still annoying issues.

First of all, DC++ 0.782 fixes a massively reported startup crash on Windows 7. This is the most urgent fix as this problem makes DC++ unusable for some users. While it’s not exactly confirmed the problem more likely hits those who are already upgraded to Windows 7 SP1.

A long standing crash and memory leak problem is also fixed which caused DC++ to crash after several hours of running in specific hubs/scenarios.

Some less important but still welcomed fixes have also been applied as follows:

  • Prevented a remote crash which could be triggered via malformed user commands from a hub
  • The favorite hub window correctly obeys the color settings again
  • A stricter failure check of the default MiniUPnP interface makes the success rate of the automatic connection type detection even higher
  • Fixed a long standing hang on exit problem under WINE

The complete changelog for 0.782 shows you all the changes in detail. Immediate upgrade is recommended for everyone, especially for those who experience crashes or running DC++ on Windows 7.

About emtee
I started to use DC using DC++ in 2003 when its version number was around 0.260. Since then I've been amazed by the DC network: a professional but still easy-to-use way of P2P file sharing. I was invited to the DC++ team in 2006 where - in the beginning - I had been doing user support and some testing only. A few years later I started to add small contributions to the DC++ code as well so for many years I'd been doing mostly bug fixes, testing, feature proposals and improvements. At the same time I worked on improving the documentation for both DC++ and ADCH++ as well. These days I'm trying to maintain the whole code and the infrastructure behind to keep these software secure and usable for a prolonged time. My ultimate goal is to help making the DC network as more user friendly as possible.

2 Responses to DC++ 0.782

  1. Igor Carlier says:

    as the ISP blocking issues been fixed ? i stop using dc++ over 5 years ago because it didnt work anymore … it was my favorite p2p system

  2. poy says:

    have a look here Igor.

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