Today’s item; modernization (of this blog, specifically, in this case)

You have probably noticed (unless you’re only reading the RSS feeds) that the blog had a makeover… It’s now using the ‘Enterprise’ theme.

Tell us your opinion on the new interface and if we should change something (or change theme completely). I should note that I can’t find the themes on , so you might need your own blog and try different themes out and then report which you like. The CSS for the theme is available, so I might (or someone else) be able to hack up some of the changes you might propose. (I haven’t done CSS in a while. And by ‘a while’ I mean years. And ‘done CSS’ I mean trying things out until av very basic ASP page looked non-bad.)

Update: it seems we need to pay $14.97 a year to be able to modify the CSS… So it seems that option isn’t looking too good now…

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