ADC Extensions officially move to 1.0.4

The specification for ADC extensions has now moved to version 1.0.4. This introduces a couple of things;

      Added magnet link extension to UCMD – Simply allows people to send magnet links as part of the user command.
      Added NAT traversal extension NATT – Allows passive to passive C-C connections. cologic talked about this earlier.
      Added referral field to STA – The referral field is something most have implemented already, but it was never in the official specification (even added to the Wiki and a general concensus was that it was approved).
      Added upload queue field to STA – Allow better ordering for those that are waiting to download from you. Since there is no explicit upload order (first to request is first to receive a slot) in ADC (nor NMDC for that matter) this allow clients to be more helpful to those who have waited longer.
      Added partial file sharing extension PFSR – Partial file sharing allow you to download files that clients have not completely downloaded or was previously downloaded but not shared immediately.

Find the documentation at with the on-going SVN at

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