Microsoft drops Windows 2000, XP SP2 support

As suggested, Microsoft has end-of-lifed Windows 2000. This means there will be no further official, publicly accessible security patches, such as for the still-unpatched Windows 2000/XP TCP/IP Window Size DoSes, TLS/SSL MitM spoofing, or MFC document title updating vulnerabilities, several of which are remotely exploitable. Further, new exploits that work on Windows XP, which will remain an active security target for years, usually work on Windows 2000 as well; those as-yet-unpublished exploits will not see Windows 2000 fixes from Microsoft either. Every additional day with Windows 2000 on the Internet increases the likelihood of being exploited by an unpatched vulnerability. Win2k users should thus find a newer, still-supported operating system to use as soon as feasible.

Microsoft has also dropped Windows XP SP2 support, but that’s fixable just by updating to XP SP3.

Consequently, official DC++ support for both Windows 2000 and XP SP2 has hereby ceased.

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