ADCH++ 2.4 pushed out


Well a new version of ADCH++ is out due to the fact that we kinda messed up the 2.3 release so for all of you that are out there running 2.3 update to 2.4 and you will be fine.

We also added documentation from ADCH++ on the website for any developer wanting to help out by making plugins or lua scripts.


  • 222. By Pietry
    edited installer, changelog, version
  • 221. By poy
    fix command dispatching
  • 220. By poy
    fix ban reason
  • 219. By poy
    add +topic (and aliases), shortcut to +cfg topic
  • 218. By poy
    add history & motd to the default scripts list

ADCH++ (Windows Bin Zip File)

ADCH++ (Windows Installation)

ADCH++ (Source Windows/Linux)

About Wicked World Games
Based out of Gothenburg Sweden, Wicked World Games 1.1 is a small independent RPG company founded in 2006.

2 Responses to ADCH++ 2.4 pushed out

  1. zerospinboson says:

    It would appear that there is a pretty glaring bug/typo in the windows service installer. It adds the config dir location with 2 \\’s attached, and this results in the config file not loading, (and) all scripts being inoperative.
    When I for instance type “adchppd -i adch -c e:/programs/adch++/config/”, the line that’s added to the service list is “adchppd.exe -i adch -c “e:/programs/adch++/config/\\” -d adch”. Could someone please fix this?

  2. swetoast says:

    Thats the proper place to report bugs not the blog

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