ADCPortal the frontpage for Advanced Direct Connect

As some of you may know, ADCPortal is for some time a part of DCDev. ADCPortal provides the following for the normal user: latest news about the protocol and all the main software that is available on the market, ideas and comments about the future of the network ( what’s coming up and more ), information about all the protocol features including all the known extensions. One can also register and ask questions or propose his/her own extension.

ADCPortal also provides a full wiki that can be consulted to get all the required information about ADC.

The interested developer also has the opportunity to get in touch with the protocol designers and also people who worked around ADC, or created pieces of software for it.

We strongly encourage everybody interested in ADC to visit ADCPortal in order to get more information. Lately I heard that the main reason people are reticent about ADC is the lack of information. ADCPortal has been around for nearly two years, but people still wouldn’t come and ask. So please, come around, ask whatever question you like, don’t be shy, we will be very happy to answer you. We also hope you will find the site useful and we wait for you to join us.

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