DC++ 0.706

Another version of DC++ is out. After 0.705 being stable, this version comes up with the primary fixes required by people on launchpad, and it’s getting closer and closer to the old interface functionality.
The most significant changes include :
You can now see if a hub/user is online/offline by the color of the icon.
The transfer color bars are back.
You can now share multiple folders under the same virtual name ( mixes the files ).
Every connection shows now on which hub it started.
Translations are more complete, we thank this way everybody who helped translating.
Among other multiple fixes, we hope this is the best DC++ version to the day.
The same thing goes, if no serious bugs are reported about this version, in two weeks it will be marked stable, so go ahead and download it from sourceforge and have a test. We await your feedback.

2 Responses to DC++ 0.706

  1. Ragowit says:

    Two weeks have passed. Has there been any serious bugs reported or will this version be marked as stable soon?

  2. pietry says:

    This version is stable for more than 3 weeks.

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