Ping Extension the first to go wild

Ever since ADC has it’s first release, and the wiki for it was launched, everybody can post his/her own extension in there as a proposal for adding it into the specification.

My extension is called PING, and it offers the possibility of communication between pingers and hubs or hubs and hublists. This way , the pinger/hublist can find out a lot of information that cannot be found otherwise. The info I selected is about the hub restrictions, hub uptime, website, owners, user count, total share and more.

The first step was the actual implementation, which can be found now in DSHub and in the ADC hublists like Hubtracker or Adchublist.

The second step was to wait for some time to see if the extension had no issues with other developers, eg. reaching a consensus about the protocol specifications. That happened also, and now, PING has reached the status of a full-time extension. The actual specification for it can be found here.

This post is also a way to encourage you to make your own extension so that the ADC protocol evolves into a better protocol for each user on the network. Use your creativity and every day needs to make Direct Connect a better place.
One last thing, the place where to post your extensions is here, and the ADC wiki here.

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