DC++ at the local Bazaar

The latest news about the developing of DC++ are about the change of the repository from Subversion to Bazaar.

How does this affect the normal DC++ user ? The answer is, with nothing at all. It just affects the more advanced users that can compile their own binaries from the latest source code, or the people that want to contribute with patches or something.

Bazaar is a new version control system similar to CVS and Subversion that presumably has more advantages than the other two. You can still use the old svn repository from sourceforge, because the new bazaar one and this one will be auto synchronized ( with some few days delay, the most ), the sole difference is that the commits are now made first to the bazaar and then they appear into the svn repository.

To have access to the bazaar, you need the bazaar client, available from here. Also , to install bzr you need Python 2.4 the least.
Once you have it installed and in your path, you can simply checkout the repository by :
bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dcplusplus-team/dcplusplus/trunk dcplusplus
This will checkout the entire repository into the dcplusplus folder.
First difference from subversion : the initial checkout lasts much longer , because all the revisions are being downloaded ( diffs between them anyway ), so after the checkout you don’t need internet connection to update to any older revision or see the diffs . It took here about 5-8 minutes to complete, so be patient.
Don’t worry about the space this all thing is taking, even if it’s branching all the revisions, I heard it still uses less space than the svn checkout ( hi arne =).

If you had commit access to the repository or you are in the dcplusplus-team, I can explain how to gain ssh access to the repository.
If you use linux, you need a ssh tool that can create a key and use it as login ( standard ssh I think it works…)
For windows, I used PuTTY. You can get it from here. You need PuTTY.exe, Pageant.exe, Plink.exe and PuTTYgen.exe.

Start up PuTTYgen.exe and generate new key (Notice the nice randomness generation =).
Save both the public and private keys.
Go to the launchpad site and into your profile go to Add SSH key and paste the public key information from PuttyGen ( some strings that puttygen puts in some box where it says : “Public key for pasting into authorized files… “)

Now open up PuTTY.exe, and connect to bazaar.launchpad.net using SSH. You will be asked to add into Putty’s cache the server’s fingerprint. Pick “Yes” so that the fingerprint is being added permanently. ( This is required so that you can connect using plink, otherwise it can’t connect because it doesn’t recognize the fingerprint as “safe” ).

Open up pageant.exe and load your private key into it ( the one generated with puttygen ).

Now, add a new variable to your system ( Right click my computer, advanced, environment variables ) named BZR_SSH and set the value to plink.

Open up console and try
bzr branch bzr+ssh://<name>@bazaar.launchpad.net/~dcplusplus-team/dcplusplus/trunk dcplusplus
Where <name> is your launchpad nickname.
There you go.

What arne suggests about commiting : “then in the dcplusplus folder “bzr reconfigure –checkout”. That’ll configure bzr to work just like svn, committing each revision you make to the main repository when you do “bzr commit”. Alternatively, you don’t do the reconfigure thing, and all your “bzr commit” commits will be local until you do a bzr push”

I’ve been reluctant about this whole Bazaar since I don’t see any real advantage about it over svn. Maybe time will tell.
I’m also waiting for feedback or help requests if my post wasn’t explanatory enough.

4 Responses to DC++ at the local Bazaar

  1. mikejj says:

    1 comment and 1 question. . . .

    Open up console and try
    bzr branch bzr+ssh://@bazaar.launchpad.net/~dcplusplus-team/dcplusplus/trunk dcplusplus
    Where is your launchpad nickname.

    You missed out the name bit, i.e.

    bzr branch bzr+ssh://where@bazaar.launchpad.net/~dcplusplus-team/dcplusplus/trunk dcplusplus

    Also i getting this error, any suggestions ?
    FATAL ERROR: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available
    bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and tr
    y -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)

    Also, since you say plink.exe is needed, but it’s not used, in your guide, maybe something with that.

    Also i installed bazaar from python, not the windows installer, maybe something to do with that ?

  2. pietry says:

    Thanks for the error spotting :) the editor thought they were meta tags and did not show them… well..
    Also, added the line about the BZR_SSH, which I forgot. There is the plink used ( it’s actually used for the real connection ).

  3. mikejj says:

    Sorted now. thanks, heh i was using the wrong login name :P
    (1 other little comment, the bzr reconfigure –checkout needs 2 minus signs)

  4. pietry says:

    Nice.. and about the minus sign, i’m quoting arne there :P ( hi arne :P)

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