DC++ 0.705

Another version of DC++ has been released. This time, it’s even closer to being stable. If there will not be reported any serious bugs, in two weeks it will be moved to stable. So please have a check on it and report feedback on the launchpad page.

What are the changes in this release?

A lot of stability improvement, starting from crashes to bugs and so on.
Also, some visual improvements like new menu types.
Segmented downloading new separate window for each downloading file, and a new connection window for each chunk.
Language files now use gettext and they are included in the distribution for the major languages.
Tabs drag& dropping and tooltips.
Updated links so that you have any problem, you can easily find the answers you seek now.

You can download DC++ 0.705 from here.

3 Responses to DC++ 0.705

  1. alex1015 says:

    I created my account just to say this but the new segmented downloads seem to be significantly slower. Previously Uploads and Downloads on a hub were around 10MB/s. Now they are around 2 MB/s. It may just be me but it definitely seems slower

  2. juhanisauli says:

    I love the new “chunk” feature, but it sucks in finished downloads. I can never tell when the full file is done. :/

    Also the “chunks” could be little bigger, I have 8mb cable and I download the “chunks” in second or two, then wait half hour for the next slot.

  3. pietry says:

    You can modify the minimum chunk size from the settings.

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