Note to translators

The next release is drawing near and if you speak any language apart from English you can help by translating DC++ into your language. All old language files have now been imported (well, at least those that could be salvaged), so all you need to do is to go over to launchpad and start translating! If you don’t like the web interface, I suggest you download the language template and use an app such as poEdit to edit the translations (remember to import the existing translations to your language from launchpad before starting!). There’s a nice introduction to translation using gettext here.

6 Responses to Note to translators

  1. maksalaatikko says:

    there are manu strings missing for example in finished downloads, adl search (new/properties) and user commands (new/change)

  2. mikejj says:

    maksalaatikko all the strings you mentioned look translatable in the source code.
    Adlsearch new, look for &New…
    Adlsearch properties, look for &Properties
    User Commands new, i assume you mean Add, look for &Add
    User Commands change, look for &Change

    The & symbol means that the next letter will be used as a shortcut key. :)

  3. maksalaatikko says:

    I mean strings in the new adl search string box (search type, size type…), and in the new user command window (command type, context…)

    I can neither find the following strings in the finished downloads window: “open”, “open folder” and “remove all”. I also found some individual strings missing from the favorite users menu and there may be more of them.

  4. maksalaatikko says:

    There are also some strings that have never been transtable in the experts only settings page (socket buffers) and in the security certificates page. Also the strings “Totals” and “Latest version” in the About dialog are not translatable. The string “Identification (leave blank for defaults)” is also missing (favorite hub’s properties) and probably there’s more of them.

  5. arnetheduck says:

    Please open bugs at launchpad for any missing strings…

  6. maksalaatikko says:

    I have access to computer only at weekends but maybe i’ll do it then

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