ADCH++ First Release

After more than a year, here it comes, ADCH++ 2.1 , the first release. You can find it here.

Contains an installer and a zip for win32 users ( precompiled and ready to go ). Note that win32 testing has not been completed throughly ( may still have some problems ). If you have anything to report, you can visit the public development hub adc:// or reply to this post.

The release also contains a source package ready to be compiled by linux or windows users. More information about compiling can be found in the readme.txt file supplied in the package, or in some previous blog posts :

Compiling ADCH++ under windows and
Compiling ADCH++ under POSIX

ADCH++ is compatible with ADC 1.0 ( but like DC++, supports older versions of protocol for easening the transition ).

This release does not include the Bloom filter (not fully completed ) , although it can be created by compiling the source . ( The bloom filter creates a hashmap of all users’ share, and searches that don’t have any possible result are ignored , hence reducing bandwidth and resource usage )

2.1 is marked unstable for obvious reasons, but hopefully in the future there will be a more stable release.

One Response to ADCH++ First Release

  1. zerospinboson says:

    c/p from hub chat:
    Can i make a suggestion for +regme behavior (that is, a slight change/addendum) so that it checks if a nick was registered already when you enter the command, and if it is, have the hub just update the password?
    I just (rather stupidly/absentmindedly) typed +regme (twice, actually) where i should’ve typed +regnick, and atm that sets the userlvl for that nick/cid to 1, be they unregged or lvl10.. thus necessitating a hub restart (in the case of the latter :P)

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