0.704 released

The new version of DC++ is out ( probably the last one in 2007 ). You can find it here .

As in a previous blog post, this new version adds the Coral distributed network hublists, which will make sure you have a working hublist in your client.

Also, this version brings ( more or less ) the compatibility with ADC 1.0 . This means that the protocol BASE feature is advertised ( instead of the BAS0 revision ). UCMDs ( the ADC’s User commands extension ) is also advertised in the initial SUP string protocol,  so DC++ users can now use the commands given by ADC hubowners ( hubsofts should start implementing ) .  This also means that 0.704 will use the protocol string ADC/1.0 when trying to download. Don’t worry, you can still download from older versions because the 0.10 protocol string is still kept ( same goes about the INF flags OP, RG… ). The only compatibility that is really breaked is the password sending because the hash the client must send in 1.0 is slightly different ( see differences between ADC 1.0 and 0.10 ).

0.704 includes more fixes that everybody wanted to have as soon as possible, these include : closing tabs with mid-mouse button,  chat focusing all the time, hub name printed to main window title.

The segmented downloading crashes are now fixed .

On top of all, enjoy your new version.

12 Responses to 0.704 released

  1. bigmuscledc says:

    There’s synchronization bug in TimerManager::getTick().

    If this function is called from more threads, it can execute this code before it is really needed:

    if(tick < lastTick) {

  2. bïöµï¢ says:

    Please *fix* so that Kilobit (kb), Kilobyte (kB), Megabit (Mb) and Megabyte (MB) are represented properly within the GUI; This “KiB” and “MiB” stuff gets really annoying. Thanks.

  3. pietry says:

    This is not a bug.
    According to wikipedia :
    “A kibibyte (a contraction of kilo binary byte) is a unit of information or computer storage, established by the International Electrotechnical Commission in 2000. Its symbol is KiB.[1]

    1 kibibyte = 2^10 bytes = 1,024 bytes

    The kibibyte is closely related to the kilobyte, which can be used either as a synonym for kibibyte or to refer to 10³ bytes = 1,000 bytes (see binary prefix).”

    DC++ uses these binary forms for a long time. Seems you haven’t been around for too long.
    Kilobit or Megabit is a unit of measurement for bits that ISPs use to fool people in thinking they have a better bandwidth, no point in using them ( why would anyone measure in bits ? )
    A Gigabyte is in fact 1,000,000,000 bytes which actually represents 953,67 Mibibytes , this is used by hard drive companies to fool people in buying more storage space ( ever wondered why 80 GB hard drive has in fact just 75 ? )

  4. Fredrik Ullner says:

    Besides, you can change those text strings on your own with a language file…

  5. finshare says:

    i dont see topic? i use ynhub and 0.704.
    filter kick messages dont work right with 0.704 i see messages in main chat somtimes not all of them. filter kick…is check in settings.
    main chat scroll down dont work?

  6. pietry says:

    Topic works fine for me and my 0.704 on ynhub.
    Filtering kick messages indeed, its not been done yet.
    The scroll should work… Grab the scroll bar or move the mouse wheel ( or try page up/down )

  7. darkcolour says:

    vO.704 is great.

    It just needs some small fixes/changes:

    1. there’s no way to make the colored progress bars (in the Transfers View) appear
    [Settings>Advanced>’Show Progress Bars for Transfers’ option]

    2a. In the Transfers View,
    for every file that’s being downloaded,
    just a single line displaying “% complete” would be enough.
    And, only whenever the user wanted details,
    then he would doubleclick on that line,
    and make (the list of all) the current sources appear (just like eMule ;) ).

    2b. In the Finished downloads tab, I’d prefer just one line for every file
    (not one for every chunk (sized 1 or 2 MB) for the file…)

    3b. Many of the keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to work (Ctrl+_)

  8. zavalita2002 says:

    DC++ implemeted segmented downloading ?!
    I’ve installed the 0.704 version, and nothing like that happened, though multiple sources were found when searched.
    But I would make some remarks :
    – no search time interval (hubs ask for a minimum 120 sec, or even more)
    – as far as I could see, no auto-search time interval (which is equally important)
    – when multiple sources found, they are not grouped, in order to see how many users have the searched file (like in Apex/Strong etc), you know better:)), you have to count them one by one.
    – autosearch for maximum 5 sources ?! That is very useful when the search finds first 5 ADSL users :))
    -no slot ratio

    Well, I stop before I get banned for my remarks:))

    Good luck, by the way, for your ADC project.

  9. Fredrik Ullner says:

    darkcolour: 1. The progress bars lacking colors is a known bug. 2. We’re planning on rewriting the transfer view as an entire window (and with it of course, removing such bugs).

    zavalita: – Regarding your multisource issue, are you sure the users have available slots? I don’t know why DC++ wouldn’t automatically start to download from them, it works for me fine.
    – What do you mean by “no search time interval”? If you’re talking about manual searches, no, there’s no search time interval. This _could_ be implemented as an option (see the discussion on the DC++ mailing list).
    – There should be a 2 or 5 minute automatic search interval if you have the option enabled…
    – As the transfers window will be revamped, it’s possible that some of its code may be incorporated in the search window (for grouping). (Note that there’s no schedule on when this is happening.)
    – See the DC++ mailing list for a maximum source discussion. (Why don’t you just remove those users, if they’re annyoing?)
    – What do you mean by “no slot ratio”? “No automatic slot ratio”, or what? (This was requested in the Bugzilla tracker, I believe.) How would DC++ detect the slot ratio that should be used? Many hubs have an upper bound on amount of slots, and I’m hesitant to default “3slots per hub” (or similar).

  10. zavalita2002 says:

    -Solved multisource issue, the option exists and function :))
    -Manual and automatic searches should have a time interval, it’s vital for a relevant search (hubs searched too often will just refuse the search), and not to be banned by hubs from spamming. Usually 120 seconds or even bigger value works fine. Of course, it would be nice to be able to set this value for each hub distinctively …
    -grouped search results remains a big issue (very surprising, ’cause the DC++ derivatives resolved it long time ago), for obvious reasons : the user need to count the users that have the searched file one by one, and they are spread all over the place sometimes. It’s just weired.
    -sure, it’s easy to remove the slow downloads manually, but wouldn’t be really nice that this thing be done automatically ? (Well, slow downloads disconnecting/removing from queue is another issue :) Remember that there are lots of things to be done while you wait to get a movie, things like washing dishes or doing your homeworks and stuff like that. You dont have the time to sit in front of your computer to MANUALLY remove the slow sources, it’s ridiculous. So, this problem could get resolved two ways : you increase the number of sources when auto-search is operated, OR, you make a feature like the one implemented in StrongDC or Apex, slow dls disconnecting/removing from the queue.
    – the automatic slot ratio issue is less dramatic, because, from my experience, the hubs majority asks for 1: 1 ratio. Or, lets’ say, 2 upload slots per hub. Anyway, the users have the option to MANUALLY decide this ratio, so this shouldn’t be a issue for you, but for users.

    Thanx for replying, and excuse my rather poor english ,I’m not a native speaker.

  11. mikejj says:

    zavalita2002, there is an hard coded time interval set for auto searches. :)
    I agree grouped search results by TTH would be nice.
    As for disconnecting slow downloads, this was implemented a long time ago . . . . have a look around the settings. ;)
    As for a Slot Ratio, bah. Sensible hubs don’t use it, or have something realistic like 10 hubs per slot. I and most people i know have 2 or 3 slots open. If a hub wants more, that hub gets closed, not more slots opened. I don’t see why people should cater for stupid hub rules. Hubs which use a slot ratio don’t seem to realize that most people don’t have a very big upload and having more slots open, just makes existing slots go slower.

  12. dadabear says:

    0.704 is great, but i have just one problem with it.
    Every time my Vista Home Premium turn the display off then after turning it on DC++ immediately shut down with error. Is it known bug or is can be problem with some settings? Thanks a lot and Happy New Year. :-)

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