ADC 0.14

Ok, so 0.13 wasn’t the last one but 0.14 hopefully will be. Changes can be seen here.

Highlights include separation of Tiger as hash algorithm (old peers that add TIGR to their SUP should be compatible with the new spec) and the specification of a file listing xsl schema (which need review) . Let me know if you find any mistake, otherwise it’s release time soon =)

4 Responses to ADC 0.14

  1. oxij says:

    well. i wrote a little mail to email posted in spec.
    may be google ate it as a spam…

    also may be it is a good idea to talk in jabber/gtalk

  2. Fredrik Ullner says:

    Well, we have adc:// for a reason…

  3. arnetheduck says:

    or the mailing list…

  4. pietry says:

    1. About CT field, what if a bot is also operator ? what field should be used ?
    2. The example shouldnt contain also a hash ?
    Client Hub
    HSUP ADBASE other-features
    ISUP ADBASE other-features

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