Coral network coming to a DC++ near you

The upcoming version of DC++ will include more hub list addresses than it already does. However, while these additions are technically pointing to different addresses, they reference the same hub lists as the current set does.

What DC++ is going to utilize is the Coral distributed network to download hub lists. It does that by appending “” to the hub list host. What Coral will do is that it will download the hub list, cache it in the distributed network and when you try to use the hub list, you’re using the cached one. This will mean that hub list owners will be able to have a lower upload bandwidth to distrubute their file.

Coral will be able to catch newly updated material within 5 minutes. Beyond that, there’s an automatic expiry limit before the file will be discarded in the network, which is set to 12 hours.

(I don’t think it’s possibly to set the expiry limit if the lists are in .bz2. You might be able to pull it off in the XML file, but I don’t know if Coral will treat it properly. Use the HTTP directive HTTP-EQUIV=”EXPIRES” to set the expiry limit.)

(Yes, this update was intentionally timed after the 0.703 release.)

Note that this is just a testing phase. If successful, the Coral:d lists will completely replace the others.

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