Bug out 0.703

With the release of DC++ 0.703, we hope that most bugs have been erradicated. The release pretty much only fixes bugs present in the other 0.70* releases. A lot of work has gone into fixing GUI bugs, and as such, features have been (mostly) been put on hold for this release.

As per the main website, this release is also marked “unstable”. And let us look at the license, before people start whining; “This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.” (Emphasis not mine.)

(We’re aware of the finished download/uploads windows perhaps being ‘spammed’. This will (hopefully) be fixed in an upcoming version.)

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8 Responses to Bug out 0.703

  1. jorgosch says:

    – No search results appear for me when I use search

  2. jorgosch says:

    Sorry, forget what I said before… but I had lots of crashes when trying to update an existing version, you REALLY have to install this to a virgin folder and enter your settings again manually.
    Also, a feature to group same search results would be nice, right now everything is presented in a long list.

  3. I don’t know why you call “whining” when we state of an unusable software that it was unusable. It was a fact.

    About DC++ 0.703: It’s much better than any other 0.70x versions before, now it’s “usable” again. Good news and good to see. Now only some little glitches remained which are not that important (like missing hublist filtering and the little triangle is showed only when you order a column from A-Z but not when you do that from Z-A, and kick-filtering still has no effect), but generally it’s usable again and I’m happy to see it.

    About Finished Uploads spamming: is it in the current versions too, isn’t it? When a multi-segment client is uploading from you, you will have a little mp3 in the finished upload frame at least ten times. And yes, it’s irritating, just don’t really know what to do about it yet.

  4. bigmuscledc says:

    I have workaround for that Finished uploads in my StrongDC++. It’s based on delayed logging. When upload (chunk) finishes, it will put it in queue for example for 10 seconds. If another upload (chunk) with same filename starts in these 10 seconds, it will remove old upload from the queue. But if nothing (or upload with different filename) starts, it will use standard logging procedure (“Upload finished” message and new line in Finished uploads)

  5. fearnoevil says:

    In my favo semi public hub we have alot of TB shares with almost only mp3.
    The auto match queue drove us crazy cause we come with big filelist like +15mb, so in that hub we demand that feature to be disabled.
    Now with release of 703 segmented downloads is enabled.
    I’ve ask before about the possibility to disable it or at least to be able to set a minimum part size. Segmented size is set at leaf size, not sure how big that was but now i do, its small ;-)
    Users with 703 started to download mp3 in 1mb per part then the upload pauzes for a while and the next 1mb start. You must agree segmented downloads for smaller files has no use imho.
    Please create a feature to disable segmented downloads.

  6. tarakh says:

    It would it be nice if it grouped downloads that has to do with the same file as one row in the download/upload window that one could expand if one wanted to know more.

  7. siegecraft says:

    Whenever I try to download something it doesn’t work. The progress bar says something along the lines of: Download starting->downloading X%->Download finnised. This all takes maybe half a second and then it starts over again. I think it’s the TTH file (is that what it’s called?) that is being downloaded over and over again becouse the file size is normally just some 50~kb while the actual file is much larger, but the real download never starts. Eventually the progress bar will end up with “download finnished, idle”, but the real download still won’t start.

    Anyone has a solution?
    Thanks in advance

  8. siegecraft says:

    Oh, nevermind the above post. I just realised that I had accidently put the wrong download directory; all files were downloaded, they just weren’t to the folder I expected.

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