Managing releases of DC++

While I’m sure arne could’ve posted here as well (as he did in the dev-mailing list, but didn’t here), I’ll just go ahead and do that.

Given the recent fuss over unstable release being uhm…unstable, here’s a possible way to ensure minimal release testing…

Instead of releasing, I create a branch in svn named something like 0.701-rc. The release manager (yet to be appointed, not me) builds this branch, offers it to a group of dedicated testers (or on the web in some obscure place where whiners do not go) and then releases the version to the public (as unstable) adding a tag in the tags svn folder as is done now. If there are problems with the release, the problems may either be solved in trunk and then merged to the branch by the release manager, or fixed in the branch if they no longer apply to trunk because of further developments.

This of course requires that someone becomes release manager (something that I’m not willing to do), so if anyone feels inspired and wants to help out, this is the golden chance.

I’m also open to other suggestions that require little management effort on my part.


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3 Responses to Managing releases of DC++

  1. robynhud says:

    Well, there will be no more “whinning” from me, rest assured, because I will not visit this blog anymore. You really don’t seem to understand that the release of 0.70x to the public was something very wrong. Keep in mind one thing: end users do not want to be beta-testers, you can see this with all the games that are released unfinished. What’s more, they absolutely hate to be alpha-testers like in the case of DC++ 0.70x. But if all the criticism for a software that is not only unstable but unusable is deemed as “whinning”, then I will not criticize any more the programmers of DC++.

  2. Fredrik Ullner says:

    DC++ has had alpha/beta status for as long as I remember, so… (See the SourceForge project page.) Oh well…

  3. bigmuscledc says:

    if they don’t want to be betatesters, they don’t have to download 0.70x and stay on their current version ;-) Nobody forces them to update to 0.70x

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