Why you won’t need 0.702

As you may already noticed, DC++ 0.702 has already released. And I’m just writing a new post which cause Arne to kill me. But I have to inform you that DC++ 0.702 is still inappropriate for using. Or anything.

However, instead of blaming, I post here some bugs, which could be already known if we knew what the word “testing” means.

Take a look at your client. Open Public Hubs. Ah.. there’s a “Video” column. No problem, try to enter a hub with some videos (users) in it.. Let’s see the userlist: “350 Users, 9,46 Time“. So that 350 Users are sharing more than 9 “Time”? Ok, it can be solved easily: it seems the strings has some offset, which can be easily fixed in the upcoming version.

Go further. Close the Public Hubs window. Open it again. There’s no hubs in it. You need to refresh it to get the hublist again.

Do you have a fresh client? Enter to an ADC-hub then try to chat. You will fail. You can’t enter anything to the chat. Close your client then restart it. It will work. The trick? Delete DCPlusPlus.xml then start your client again. Enter some nick then connect to an ADC hub. Chatting will fail again.

Try to enable timestamps.. /ts.. the answer: [11:21] *** More data was sent than was expected.. Two characters is more than expected? Ok, just kidding, this is the same string-offset-bug which probably will be fixed soon.

As you may remember, the toolbar was quite ugly in previous versions of DC++ 0.7x. Now it’s pretty cool, which is definitely an improvement. However, some other windows looks ugly.. See this screenshot:

Open Finished Downloads or Finished Uploads. There are two files in it. file1.txt, file2.txt.

As an improvement, you can order the public hubs and the userlist now, however, there are no little triangles on the column headers, so you won’t see the direction of ordering and you will have no idea which column is it ordered from.

And still, the tooltips on the toolbar won’t work for you, neither the userlist or public hub filtering.

You don’t have to agree with me, but I found all those bugs just with a 10-15 minutes testing process. Everyone could done the same before releasing.

16 Responses to Why you won’t need 0.702

  1. bigmuscledc says:

    and still : start some download. Have it running and change the queue priority to Paused. Then to normal… it sometimes crashes.

  2. pietry says:

    The ADC not-working-chat-on-first-run bug was present in 0.69* as well.

  3. There are some bugs in 0.69x, but there’s no place to report them. Weird.

  4. lightgirl says:

    The latest release has really been something that should not been released, there are to unstable, and as it is said in this post “which could be already known if we knew what the word “testing” means.” …
    That would have saved a lot of trouble. This is bad.
    I mean, there are so many people around that could have done some testing before making a release, even tho it is tagged as unstable and all.

    Maybe time to test it before releasing it?

  5. Adrian Moş says:

    I doubt people have the right to complain the way they do, considering that Jacek could just as well abandon the whole project. This kind of attitude is the one that led to the original UPnP coder doing the same.

    Now, about that queue priority bug: tried what BM suggested, and it seems that DC++ crashes when the file handles haven’t been completely released. In short: Set a file to “paused”, DC++ tries releasing, but doesn’t succeed in fully releasing before user sets priority to anything else than “paused” and DC++ tries opening the handle again. Not sure that this is the EXACT problem, but all things indicate that this is the most likely scenario (tested it, by the way, in conjunction with “Unlocker” to see when a file is completely released).

    Some interface bugs:
    1. The toolbar doesn’t in any way crop when window is too small to display all buttons (speaking of which, the previous versions had a big problem with this, especially the DC++ mods, cropping would result in text labels for buttons not being displayed, separators acting as buttons and other weird behavior)
    2. No ToolTip appears on any of the buttons on mouse-over (confirming for Szabolcs)
    3. If you make the main window small, so that it cannot fully display the lower area (the one with the downloads) and then maximize it, that part of the headers which was displayed in the small version is not displayed when maximized. This is an invalidate or a redraw problem, since any operation that forces the header area to redraw itself will make it correctly appear.
    4. Not only that one has no idea which way sorting goes (again confirming for Szabolcs), but sorting itself seems a little dodgy

  6. bigmuscledc says:

    Problem is that there’s userQueue where users are stored by file priority. But if priority of running file changes, it won’t reorganize userQueue and user will stay there with old priority. But when this is user is disconnected, it is expected that he’s in userQueue[currentPriority] but he isn’t. He is in userQueue[oldPriority]. I hope it’s understandable :)

  7. pityke says:

    I have a problem with the usercommands. It seems like the ‘%[userNI]’ variable is missing. When I make an usercommand like this: Hello %[userNI]| then it sends to chat just “Hello “. My another problem is when I type a nickname in the userlist filter box, nothing happens, and I can’t select the Shared, Tag, etc sorting options. But I can chat with adc hubs without any problems. On an ‘adcs’ hub my usercommands are not hidden, like on a simple adc hub. I’m on a windows xpsp2.

  8. Adrian Moş says:

    Whoops, my bad.

    I just found out what was keeping the files locked. After reading BMs post I decided to make some more tests, and, there you go… So ignore my test about the queue, and by the way, don’t use Windows Live OneCare with DC++ downloading to a mapped network drive that’s open in a Windows Explorer. It’s a killer. Or, at least, don’t do all these at the same time. And please don’t ak me why in this world I did that.

    The other bugs, however, still stay.

  9. robynhud says:

    Adrian Moș, give me a break (“sau las-o baltă cu pusul batistei pe țambal”), every user has the right to complain if the software that it is using is unusable (and DC++ 0.702 is unusable, not buggy). Szabolcs Molnar is right and its posts are a proof that some of the developers understand the gravity of the situation and try to minimize the damages by telling users they should not download the 0.702 version. But hey, if it were after you, let’s all shut our mouths because the main developer will be annoyed. So what, he choosed to make major changes, it was its decision, and it turned bad. Now it will take another year to put DC++ on its feet, if this ever happens. Yes, DC++ is free, but that doesn’t mean that the developers could do what they want with it. A software without users doesn’t really exist, so the users opinions must be taken into account and their right to free speech must be preserved. Otherwise they could go with another p2p software, there are plenty of alternatives.

    If DC++ disappears it will be a loss for everybody, developers and users. And that’s what is happening now. The new users will download 0.70x from Softpedia or other big software site, they will have an awful experience and they will abandon DC++ for ever (I would not blame them, I never experienced a software so unusable as DC++ 0.700).

    My advice will be to stop the dissemination of 0.70x via the software sites (until it becomes usable, of course) and to put in the DC++ download page a big warning stating that 0.702 is for testing purposes only, not for actual use, so ordinary users should not download it.

  10. robynhud says:

    I installed 0.702 and it greets me with an error message about some Html help. But wow, the hubs can be sorted. That doesn’t mean that DC++ can be used, many (big) bugs are still present. One of the biggest is the resize bug. Try resizing the lower panel (where the progress of the downloads is presented) and you will have the surprise that some portions of the interface just dissappear or become scrambled. If you drag the separator up towards the toolbar, in an instant there will be no more toolbar.

    So what’s the point, 0.702 is labeled as unstable, bad things happen… Yes, but UNSTABLE does not mean UNUSABLE. Take the example of 7-zip (another free software) that has a stable version from 05.2006 and an unstable (beta) version from 10.2007. Everybody uses the beta version of 7-zip because it works and does not cause big problems. Unstable should mean that the software works well (has all the functionality), but sometimes (rarely) it crashes or has an unexpected behavior. This is not the case for DC++, which has become unusable from 0.699 on.

    What happened ? What has changed in the code that produces so many and so serious bugs ? Is it the fault of the new compiler ? I don’t remember any software that has passed from stable and functional to unstable and non-functional from a version to the next one.

  11. robynhud says:

    Oh yeah, I just forgot to tell that on Vista DC++ 0.702 crashes on exit, not once, but twice (0.700 crashed, 0.701 did not crash). The error message is posted below (OS is set to romanian language). After I close this error window, another one appears.

    Nume eveniment problemă: APPCRASH
    Nume aplicație: DCPlusPlus.exe
    Versiune aplicație:
    Marcaj temporal aplicație: 471bb81d
    Nume modul defect: DCPlusPlus.exe
    Versiune modul defect:
    Marcaj temporal modul defect: 471bb81d
    Cod excepție: c0000005
    Deplasare excepție: 003c8012
    Versiune SO: 6.0.6000.
    ID setări regionale: 1048
    Informații suplimentare 1: 8d13
    Informații suplimentare 2: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311
    Informații suplimentare 3: 8d13
    Informații suplimentare 4: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311

  12. Adrian Moş says:

    It wasn’t about the software being buggy that I asked people not to complain about, “robynhud”. I won’t say a word about bug hunting and reporting.

    It was about the “why didn’t you test it beforehand” or “it only took me 5 minutes” kind of attitude, which I consider a very counter-productive and non-diplomatic one. Now you may disagree with me, but we both have our right to opinions.

    I repeat, it was nothing about the actual existence of bugs or problems. I’m not happy myself that the code has dependencies, or that there’s a new compiler and it’s not a piece of cake to compile in Visual Studio like it was before, but I try to say it with a certain diplomacy.

    On a side note, actually, the developer CAN do whatever he wishes with his own software, all depending on his target audience and his will to code.

  13. robynhud says:

    There are times when diplomacy is adequate, but when a disaster occurs there is no place for diplomacy, because there is damage to repair and the first step is to acknowledge that a disaster happened, not to try to live in denial. DC++ 0.700-2 is a disaster and it should not have been released without testing because it seems that absolutely no one tested it before the release, otherwise there would not be so many megabugs.

    Fortunately 0.699 works well on XP and Vista, not to mention the fact that advanced users prefer Strong DC++ and ApexDC++, whose developers will not build new releases based on the fresh 0.70x. I hope that the cause for the present state of DC++ will be discovered and the software will be functional and stable as soon as possible.

  14. mayo123 says:

    Is there an exiting link to bugzilla for entering bugs?

  15. srgnt says:

    Yesterday and today I was playing with 0.700-2 and, although there are a few gliches, I had no serious problems with it!

    I couldn’t get it to use windows…all I could get was a flat screen with ‘tabs’ which was very annoying, but everything else functioned, so I don’t know what you guys are talking about???

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