ADC 0.13

I just posted what I expect to become the final version of ADC 1.0. If you have anything to add, now is the time and the DC++ devel mailing list and this blog are the places.

Changes that I remember:

  • DSC removed (use usercommands if you want to disconnect your users)
  • Bytes instead of bits everywhere
  • Token in CTM/RCM is mandatory and therefore unnamed
  • Reserved SID 0 for the hub. This  is rarely needed since the hub sends most messages with type I, but there are a few corner cases are easier to solve when the hub is assigned 0 (hub-implemented group chat for example). I might have forgotten some good argument against this, so refresh my memory if you feel this is unneeded.
  • PAS hash generation no longer includes CID
  • Reformatted using asciidoc

Since the spec is now essentially a fancy text file, please don’t hesitate to send in patches for typos etc in patch format.

You’ll find previous versions of the specs by adding -0.xx to the link above (ADC-0.12.html for example).

5 Responses to ADC 0.13

  1. pietry says:

    my suggestion is this: why would the hub need to increment the hub count for each user.. when the client should do that….
    the client should know better on how many hubs its connected…

  2. arnetheduck says:

    read 0.13 again

  3. pietry says:

    for other interested, after sweeping through protocol, i found out that indeed, the client will do that from now on.

  4. djoffset says:

    Excellent. QuickDC and uhub should be compliant now. I will release another uhub later this week.
    The only protocol change needed on the hub side is related to how passwords are now hashed.

  5. djoffset says:

    Reading the spec alittle more carefully, it seems it should be mentioned that the BO (bot),OP (operator),HU (hub) and HI (hidden) flags to the INF message have been removed in favour of CT (client type).
    I’m guessing the fact that ‘RG’ still remains is a slip, and should also be considered deprecated..

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