DC++ 0.701 crashes on startup?

It may happen that your freshly installed/downloaded DC++ 0.701 crashes as soon as you start it (or die without any error message, just it simply doesn’t start). This is caused by an unhandled exception which is going to be handled in the upcoming releases. To workaround this problem, create a Certificates folder in your DC++ installation directory.

Note that this workaround also won’t let your System Stability Index to drop :P

9 Responses to DC++ 0.701 crashes on startup?

  1. robynhud says:

    Under Vista, DC++ 0.701 is a complete failure.

    It crashes on start. After creating the Certificates folder DC++ starts, but you cannot sort the public hubs, nor you cannot sort the users from a hub by clicking on the columns headers (Shared, Description, etc.) . Actually, after right-clicking a column header when in a hub, DC++ crashes with a MS Visual C++ Library error and Vista will close it.

    The tooltips from the butons in the toolbar are not visible and some of the buttons do not function adequately.

    So, you must test DC++ on Vista, because at this time it is unusable. Grab a Vista DVD image, install it in trial mode (without a serial number) on a virtual partition (use Virtual PC or VMWare) and see what can be repaired.

    Suggestion : You could ask all the (big) download sites to offer only the 0.699 version, otherwise many (new) users will abandon DC++.

  2. There’s no right-click for directories in file listing/download queue view on the left panel. You can’t organize any list. These are irritating bugs.

    However, I couldn’t reproduce yet your right-click crashes. Probably it depends on the hubsoftware type.
    Moreover I can’t chat with it on ADC and ADCS hubs…


  3. robynhud says:

    You are right, the Visual C++ crash doesn’t happen for every hub. But I quickly discovered two where the bug is present (there are probably many more). You must right-click anywhere in the panel with users (not only on the columns header).



  4. pityke says:

    On windows xp sp2, I was unable to resize horizontally and verically any window, when I tried it the screen flickered and blinked permanently. I tried it with fullscreen and in a window, with 800*600 and 1024*768 screen resolutions. It’s still crashing when I right-clicking on the Userlist.

  5. pietry says:

    robynhud : 90 % of users get the stable version. Anyway, as you can see people already started reporting bugs. So the new DC++ is on the good way.

  6. “So the new DC++ is on the good way.”

    I don’t agree. “good way” is when you test the software before release then let your users to report its bugs.

    “dcpp way” is to release the software without at least 20-30 minutes testing which would let you to discover the fatal bugs before you let your users to feel the pain.

  7. Fredrik Ullner says:

    DC++ 0.702 is released, with a couple of fixes… (I’ll refrain from a new post just yet, I have a feeling a new release will come soon.)

  8. pietry says:

    “without at least 20-30 minutes testing ” << you obviously arent a software developer… if you say that… If there are hundreds of bugs and you just cant fix all of them… do what? release a software in a 5 years time or release a buggy version which might get people help in debugging it ?

  9. pietry you’re just kidding, aren’t you? These bugs appear as soon as you enter a hub. Or as soon as you start your client. If you can. Or as soon as you click twice somewhere.

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