Official LinuxDC++ release

DC++’s source is split into two entities: the interface (that’s currently undergoing massive change) and the core (that’s handling all of the things you don’t see). While DC++’s interface isn’t platform-independant, the core is (most, at least). As such, ports to other platforms have been conducted.

One of these ports, is LinuxDC++. LinuxDC++ use DC++’s core and has a interface written in GTK+. While the name may suggest that the client is Linux-only, it has been reported that other platforms can use it (such as *BSD). LinuxDC++ can use everything that DC++ can do, and it doesn’t look or behave differently from other clients’ point of view. It’s DC++ – with a different graphical representation.

Yesterday, LinuxDC++ came out of beta-CVS-state and was officially released.

The LinuxDC++ team is pleased to announce the release of LinuxDC++ 1.0.0. This release is the culmination of almost three years worth of work. Hopefully you’ll find it was worth the wait. Thanks to all of those who have contributed in making this release possible. You can look forward to many more things to come in the near future including i18n support, user commands and magnet support.

You can download LinuxDC++ here, though you need to compile it yourself (unless your distribution have a binary for you).

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