Where is my downloaded file?

When you start downloading a file with DC++, a temporary file is created, where the data is stored until the file is complete. The incomplete file will be named “filename.TTH.dctmp” (or “filename.TTH.dctmp.antifrag” if you have “Use AntiFragmentation Method for Downloads ” on.) and stored in the directory you’ve entered in Settings -> Downloads. Of course, if you’re using the %[targetdrive] option, depending on where you point your download, the incomplete file will be stored on the respective drive you’re downloading to.

“Sometimes, I see that I have downloaded a file (either through the transfer view, or the finished downloads window), but I can’t find the file in the correct download directory. Why?” have a bunch of people asked.

To know this, you have to know what DC++ do when a file is complete. When a file is completed, the file name is changed from “filename.TTH.dctmp” (with possible “.antifrag”) to just the file name. DC++ then locate where you want the file to be transferred to. If DC++ can find the location and has write access, it will move the file there. If DC++ doesn’t, it will (1) put the file in the default download directory, if the original directory doesn’t exist (that is, the drive doesn’t exist), or (2) just leave the file in the unfinished directory as it is. (2) usually happen when there’s no write access. (But it’s not limited to that.)

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